Your family and your new puppy!!

20 . 07 . 18

When you bring home a new puppy  you could save yourself a lot of trouble in the future if you start to teach it to take a tablet.  We recommend starting by just opening its mouth and pretending to give a tablet before moving onto practicing with a small treat or piece of dry dog food.  Do this daily and you will find your puppy enjoys the pilling game in no time at all.

If you find a tick on your cat or dog try to remove it straight away.  It does not really matter how you remove it but twist and pull is best-we like to use the tick twisters.  Lots of old wives tales exist-it does not matter which way you turn it and it does not help your dog if you make him/her eat the tick.  Remember though that if it is a Paralysis Tick your pet may deteriorate after removal because you cannot remove the toxin already injected so you must continue to closely monitor your pet.  If it shows any signs of toxicity or illness you must see your vet immediately.  Remember to save any ticks you remove to show them to your vet if you need to come in.