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Sawtell and Toormina

A Caring Veterinary Clinic and Experienced Vet in Sawtell and Toormina

If you’re searching for a caring and professional Vet in Sawtell and Toormina, look no further.
From the beautiful fig-tree lined First Avenue, right around Lyons Road and Toormina Road, we’re regularly treating pets from Sawtell and Toormina bought to us by owners seeking the best Vet in Sawtell and Toormina. We treat every kind of pet, from all breeds of dogs and cats, through to birds and rodents, everyone’s welcome. In fact, at Rose Avenue Vet Hospital and Toormina Road Vet Clinic we’ve been doing it for over 20 years.

So what makes us different?
Firstly, at our clinics, our friendly and helpful staff always strives for clinical excellence. And secondly, our facilities are custom built to provide your pet with the very best in modern veterinary medicine. But most importantly to you, our team is here to provide YOU with options and advice at every step of your pet’s healthcare. We understand that every animal is different, but we also understand that every owner and circumstance is different too. Above all, we promise to always listen to you, and help you find the best way of looking after your pet.

You’ve found the best ‘Vet in Sawtell and Toormina’ but why use us?

At both Rose Avenue Vet Hospital in Coffs Harbour and Toormina Road Vet Clinic, we strive to provide outstanding caring service combined with state-of-the-art facilities. Listed below is our full range of services.

Vet Checks and Animal Vaccinations Sawtell and Toormina

Although your pet may appear to be healthy, regular pet health checks and pet vaccinations are very important. A thorough vet check by our Coffs Harbour or Toormina vet clinic may spot problems in the early stages before they become much bigger, and more expensive, problems.

Pet and Animal Examination Sawtell and Toormina

All of our vets are kind, compassionate and above all, want to help you to do the best for your animal. This includes making sure you understand any problems your pet might have. Consequently, a thorough pet and animal examination will be carried out in the most caring and least stressful way for your pet.

Illness Investigation and Animal Treatments Sawtell and Toormina

Our recently renovated Pet Hospital in Coffs Harbour has been custom-designed and fully equipped for the investigation and treatment of the majority of illnesses our patients present with.

Tick Paralysis Treatment Sawtell and Toormina

We provide expert tick treatment and prevention advice in Coffs Harbour and Toormina. Should your pet require immediate attention, our Pet Hospital can provide the best possible care.

Pet Dentistry Sawtell and Toormina

We provide caring and professional Pet Dentistry for your cat and dog in Coffs Harbour. It’s a fact that dental disease is one of the most commonly found problems in a consultation by vets, and is also one of the problems most commonly overlooked by owners.

Animal Hospital and Veterinary Surgeon Sawtell and Toormina

Because of our renovated and fully equipped Animal Hospital in Coffs Harbour, we are able to perform a wide range of surgical procedures all performed by skilled veterinary surgeons.

Pet Behaviour Advice and Treatment Sawtell and Toormina

Pet behaviour problems can be due to behavioural causes or medical causes. At Rose Avenue Veterinary Hospital in Coffs Harbour and Toormina Road Veterinary Clinic our veterinarians will fully investigate pet behaviour problems.

Puppy Pre-school Sawtell and Toormina

We run a fun, safe puppy school from our Vet Hospital in Coffs Harbour. Rest assured, if you train your puppy early, you’ll get the best results later.

Dog and Cat Microchipping Sawtell and Toormina

At Rose Avenue Vet Hospital in Coffs Harbour and Toormina Road Veterinary Clinic we provide a quick and painless microchipping service. Remember, microchipping is the best way to have your pet found and returned.

Pet and Animal Grooming Sawtell and Toormina

We provide a pet and animal grooming service at both Rose Avenue Vets and Toormina Road Vets.  And remember, because we are able to sedate our patients we are also able to clip the more difficult to handle pets.


We provide a boarding and daycare service for a range of pets including cats, dogs, birds, ferrets, rabbits, guinea pigs and rats and mice.

Your pet can stay for as little or as long as they need to, from a couple of hours to several weeks.

With over 20 years Veterinary experience in Sawtell and Toormina, call us today to find out how we provide the best veterinary service for your pets.


Address: Toormina Road Vet Clinic, Toormina Road, Toormina NSW 2452

The clinic is next door to the BananaCoast Credit Union and the Medical Centre on Toormina Road, close to the Toormina Gardens Centro shopping centre.

phone: 02 6658 1744
fax: 02 6658 9948

Opening hours: Monday-Friday 8.30am-5.30pm, Saturday 9.00am-11.30pm, Sunday CLOSED.
A nurse is always in attendance during opening hours but veterinary consulting times may vary, so please call ahead to make an appointment.

Outside of these hours please call 02 6658 1744 to obtain the number for the on duty vet. Please note that the out of hours roster is shared between all Coffs Harbour vet practices, so please ask the vet on call which clinic you need to attend.