Animal Hospital and Veterinary Surgeon

Looking for a skilled and caring Veterinary Surgeon?

We are equipped to perform a wide range of surgical procedures all performed by a skilled veterinary surgeon. At both of our vet practices in Coffs Harbour and Toormina we have modern anaesthetic machines and equipment to monitor cardiovascular and respiratory function.  Both premises have dedicated sterile theatres much like in human hospitals.

Our veterinary surgeons regularly perform desexing procedures (spays and castrations), caesareans, lump and tumour excisions, exploratory surgery, gastro-intestinal surgery, orthopaedic surgery, wound stitch ups and abscess surgery.

Our recently renovated Pet Hospital in Coffs Harbour has been custom-designed and equipped for the investigation and treatment of the majority of illnesses our patients present with. We’re proud of our vet hospital in Coffs Harbour so please contact us if you are interested in having a tour of the facilities.

New facilities include:

  • On-site laboratory
  • Serum biochemistry and PCV/TPP.
  • In-house blood testing
  • Binocular microscope
  • Skin and ear conditions
  • Needle aspirate cytology.
  • Urinalysis on-the-spot.
  • Imaging suite for digital radiography and ultrasound and rigid endoscopy unit.
  • Sterile surgery theatre
  • Top of the range anaesthetic monitoring equipment, anaesthetic machines and an LED surgical light.

We take good care while they convalesce

During your pet’s stay in our veterinary hospital, we ensure that they get the best care and the attention they deserve. Additionally, all our animal hospital cages are situated in the large treatment room so there will always be someone to keep an eye on the patients. For stable patients, dedicated cat and dog wards offer peaceful space for convalescing. For extra comfort, a Feliway diffuser is provided in our cat ward to help alleviate the stress of hospitalisation.

If you’re looking for a great Veterinary Surgeon and a fully equipped Animal Hospital, Rose Avenue Vets are the answer. Call 02 6652 1566 now.