Puppy Pre-school

Puppy Pre-school

Congratulations for choosing to enrol your pup in our puppy school!

Our puppy school facilitator is Kyra – the principal trainer and owner of Bright Bessy Dog Training.
Kyra is a highly experienced, practising certified dog trainer. You will learn how to socialise, train, understand and care for your dog. She helps you teach your pup all of the foundation skills it needs on which to build more training. Kyra provides a safe, non-competitive environment at her schools with lots of play and fun activities. Rest assured, only gentle and positive training methods are used.

Start puppy school early to really reap the benefits later

Between eight and sixteen weeks of age, puppies develop very quickly – this is the perfect time for them to learn about people, other dogs and the rest of the world. Puppy Pre-School is designed to take advantage of this learning period in a supervised environment that is clean and safe for young puppies.

Our puppy school training course covers puppy behaviours, diet, health, grooming, exercise and play, with an emphasis on socialisation, command training, health and care. Our aim is to teach you positive ways to train your puppy in basic skills such as ‘sit’, ‘drop’, ‘stay’, and how to walk well on a lead, but also how to control your puppy’s not so desirable behaviours like toileting inside, biting, mouthing and separation anxiety.

Questions are encouraged and children over the age of 5 are welcome (for children under that age private sessions are offered).
And remember, we also offer a grooming and boarding service.

To enrol in our puppy school please contact our staff at Rose Avenue Veterinary Hospital or Toormina Road Veterinary Clinic