Our boarding service is home from home for your furry friends

We are currently accepting limited numbers of  boarders between Monday and Saturday only.

At Rose Avenue Veterinary Hospital in Coffs Harbour, we provide a boarding and daycare service for a range of pets including cats, dogs, birds, ferrets, rabbits, guinea pigs and rats and mice.

Your pet can stay for a couple of hours to several days.

Rest assured, our boarders all get lots of love and attention every day.

For instance, dogs are walked at least twice a day. Depending on their wishes and the weather, they will usually spend most of the day in our covered outdoor runs. Here they can interact with other boarders either nose to nose or through the partitions and have a great social time and a good chinwag.  If the weather is too hot or cold and wet then they can choose to stay indoors in our comfortable air-conditioned facility.  We also use an Adaptil diffuser in our dog room to help our guests relax and settle in.

All boarding dogs must be healthy and up to date with their vaccinations, including Canine (kennel) Cough, worming, tick and flea treatment.

Our boarders are fed Hills food or alternatively, you are welcome to bring in their favourite food for their stay.

Cats are boarded in our dedicated cat room where they can relax, aided by a Feliway “feel-good” diffuser.  They only have the company of other cats in their room and are spoilt by our nurses.  Once they are settled in, boarding cats frequently get free range of the boarding room.

All boarding cats must be healthy and up to date with their vaccinations, worming and tick and flea treatment.

Other pet species that we regularly board include birds, ferrets, rats, mice, rabbits and guinea pigs.  They will all be fussed over and cared for by our staff and receive as much or as little interaction as they would like.

Call today on 02 6652 1566 to arrange a safe, fun, and caring boarding service for your pet